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The aims of this website are;-

    To provide e-mail addresses for anyone in the UK with the surname of Ainger. (for example:


    To foster a sense of Community.


    To promote further colaborative activities.

The links below download films or photos of various activities over the past few years.

The past was an exciting time where everything was new. Although the past may have been beautiful we must be sure NOT to live it and dwell too much there. We must plan for tomorrow with an eye on the past.

Remember, if we fail to plan we plan to fail!

Click on the blue arrows to download pictures from the past.

Please be patient as the files can be large and will take a long time to load.

1930s-2005 video (50Mb).                      arrow

Mid 1070s Portugal video (pending)        arrow

Mid 1990s family video (pending)           arrow


Please enjoy the experience . . . .

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Andrew Ainger
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